Well planned spaces make efficient offices

Workspace Furniture are partition specialists. Supplying numerous brands to the New Zealand market we can assist you in your custom requirements. Whether it's partitioning between a desking pod or office wide separation screens we have screen solutions that will suit all budgets. For a quote please fill out the contact form on this page or send a diagram with your intended layout and measurements to sales@wsfurniture.co.nz

Precision engineered auto-lock systems

Ingenious system that enable partitions to effortlessly slide together and automatically lock into position. By shedding many of the cumbersome components of conventional screen systems shave valuable minutes off each screen installation.

Optional Tidy, easyaccess cable trays

Hinged cable trays ares designed for quick and easy access to your power and data. Gently lever the door open - once your cables are in position simply click the door back into place.

Light weight, industrial strength panels

The innovative combination of an aluminium frame and extruded polymer-resin foam core means our screens are not only extremely rigid but is also conveniently light-weight! Our panels are a one person lift - making them a dream to install and re-configure

Optional Adjustable shelves - any height, any width, anywhere!

Organising your work space has just got easier and more flexible. Place your shelf anywhere at any width with aluminium shelftracks. Secure the shelf at any height with the custom made shelf bracket. Once installed the shelf can be easily moved to a new position.

Quality components

Every component has been meticulously designed in New Zealand and are highly effective and easy to use. Made from cast aluminium parts that are built to last!

Sturdy work-surface bracket

Cast aluminium desk brackets locks securely to the frame and can be placed at the height best suited to the user. Practically hidden from sight, the bracket is a tidy solution to a screen-hung work-surface.

100% Recyclable frame and core

All aluminium frames and extruded polymer-resin foam core are 100% recyclable and reusable. Aluminium can be recycled indefinitely and is also the most cost-effective material to recycle.

Multiple colour options

Incorporating partitions into the overall interior design of your office is easy! Each panel can be covered in a different fabric, and by adding a transom to your screen you are able to have two colours.

Glazing options

Versatile frames offer plenty of options to use glass in your office partition. From partial to full glazing - the choice is yours!

Free-standing partitions

Create definition in an open plan environment with a freestanding partition. The unobtrusive foot is simple to install and keeps the partitions rock solid

Optional CAT6 Cableducts wherever you need

The generous optional cable management cavity* is designed to accommodate Category 6 wiring and can be specified at any height above or below the desks at the time of manufacturing. *Excludes CMS and data outlets.

Easily connect multiple frame heights

Because the frame links and locks along the entire edge of the screen, you can connect any height together - without the need for any unsightly connectors!

Multiple attachment options

Aluminium shelf-track allows for multiple attachments to be applied to the screen. For example; adding two shelftracks creates the platform for mounting a standard monitor arm - at any height, anywhere along the screen.

Match your frame to your desking system

The auto-lock aluminium frame is finished in Silver, White or Black powder-coat to match your entire office.

Cable management

Cubit System has a scalloped infill panel for discreet cable access.

Return screens

Studio50’s return screens increase individuals privacy by dividing and defining individual workspaces.

Pinnable surfaces

Extruded polymer-resin foam core is an ideal pinnable surface - work areas can be easily organised and personalised.

Adjustable foot

Screens stand on an adjustable levelling glide with 35mm travel allowing plenty of room to work on uneven floors.

Your choice of fabric

The pinnable face of a screen can be finished in the fabric of your choice - making it easy to add colour to your office space. We recommens using either plain fabrics or large random patterns.